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   With a story of how they came to be so deeply embedded in the restaurant kitchens and construction sites of Nashville Tennessee, it’s no wonder Ducky Neptune has arrived with stylistic tones drenched in a blue-collar hue that reflects their working-class mantra and humble beginnings.

   Having officially formed in 2019 with vocalist Josh Blanco and guitarist Shane Ray, the band used 2020 to release a self produced, funded and titled EP “Ducky Neptune”. But it wasn’t until keyboardist Ari Fine and drummer John Aldridge joined in early 2021 that the band was able to truly unlock their own version of “don’t talk about it, be about it” indie rock, that has since seen the bands popularity grow immensely, and that will saturate their upcoming full album, Insensitive Plastic. The sound itself takes on the role of familiarity and uniqueness that can only be classified as a genre bending-indie rock. Psychedelic Surf- Soul. 

    While the dream remains a lifelong career in music and the focus on it has never been so heightened. Ducky Neptune still accepts that in the days leading up to, or those following a performance, they are just as likely to be renovating the venue or surrounding neighbourhoods, or filling in for rockstar shifts on the kitchen lines, as they are to be filling with anticipation or coming down from the cosmic highs that can only be attributed to performing live.

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